With trade fairs as #FutureLab to #FairSuccess with #NewBusiness!

A place for emotion, an address for acquisition, a place for business: German trade fairs are all of these. Start your #FairSuccess of tomorrow here and now. We have compiled important information for all of those who would like to exhibit in the future. We invite you to explore your potential. Utilize trade shows as stage for your ideas and innovations, as an efficient instrument for customer acquisition and customer loyalty. Quite simple. Welcome to our condensed facts and useful services.


Benefits of trade fairs and trends

Trade fairs are true multi-talents when it comes to corporate marketing goals and functions. For innovations and product launches to be noticed by markets and media trade fairs are the best stage. This is where decision-makers meet in person, creating a long-term basis for trust. Trade fair participants get an overview of what the industry has to offer and can thus observe the competition. New markets can be opened up here. Last but not least additional benefit on an emotional level is generated by the pleasure of unexpected encounters and new discoveries. How will trade fairs develop in the digital age? Please find an overview of all the advantages of trade fairs as marketing tool and the discussion of current developments, here.

10 top reasons for your trade fair participation

  • Doing business - boosting sales
  • Reach new target groups and cooperation partners
  • Showing presence, building trust, retaining customers
  • Demonstrating strength
  • Gaining market share
  • Personal networking as a door opener
  • Getting direct feedback on your own products
  • Discovering industry trends
  • Using trade fairs as communication events
  • Motivating employees and winning new ones


AUMA Trends 2023/2024
AUMA highlights current trends and prospects in the trade fair business in its annual publication, “AUMA Trends 2023/2024”. The digital brochure provides a comprehensive overview of the issues affecting the German trade fair industry following the coronavirus pandemic. (...)


Exhibitors continue to rely on real trade fairs
Real trade fairs will continue to be of essential importance for exhibitors. However, trade fairs will be supplemented to a greater extent by virtual event formats. This is the conclusion of a current analysis by the German Ifo Institute for Economic Research. Among other things, on-site trade fairs score points for personal contacts and live experiences. Learn more here. (...)


Advantages of trade fairs as a marketing tool
Companies use various marketing instruments on their way to corporate success. In this mix, trade fair participation has by far the broadest range of functions - from gaining new customers to building press contacts. Find out more about the role trade fairs are playing in corporate marketing, here. (...)


Realign marketing strategy
During the Corona pandemic, digital events have gained in importance. The perspectives of trade fairs in the digital age are currently the subject of much discussion. Find out more about this topic here. (...)


Get fit for your trade fair participation!

Make your decision: Present your product, your services and your company at a trade fair. All the information you need to ensure a confident decision and that your trade fair participation will be a success, to be found here. We will guide you step by step through all the topics that are important for planning your trade fair participation: Trade fair selection, cost-benefit calculation, personnel planning and much more.


10 Steps to successful trade fair participation
We have compiled all the important steps that will help you planning your trade fair stand. From "Why do you want to participate in a trade fair?" to "Setting goals" and "Budgets & organisation" to "Follow-up & success control". Good to know - not only for trade fair newcomers! (...)


Efficient trade fair planning with the MNC
The Trade Fair Benefit Check (MNC) is a software tool that effectively supports you as an exhibitor as early as the planning stage of your trade fair participation: Definition of the trade fair objectives, determination of the targeted benefits and budget planning. After the trade fair, you may use the MNC to draw up a cost-benefit comparison. (...)

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