To the place where your company will find success.

A place for emotions, an address for acquisitions, a space for business: German exhibitions offer all this. Launch your future #ExhibitionSuccess right here and now. We’ve compiled the key items of information for everyone who intends to exhibit in future. And we are inviting you to discover the different avenues open to you, and to use them as a stage for your ideas and innovations and as an efficient instrument for acquiring customers and retaining their loyalty. Our compact fact sheets and practical services mean it couldn’t be easier. A very warm welcome!



Exhibitions satisfy all requirements when it comes to improving your image, increasing your sales and demonstrating the quality of your innovations. Essentially, they offer the perfect platform. And it’s much simpler and more affordable than you think. After all, you can expect so much at exhibitions: making face-to-face contact, with an interested audience, and with less waste coverage – or in short: with more success.


Presenting news, scanning the competition, linking to networks – here anything is possible. We’re putting this platform on the street in 2020. Be excited about our mobile #FUTURELAB.

Here you can get live proof of how German exhibitions offer the perfect stage for innovations from start-ups. Apropos proof – click here for more impressive facts for exhibitors:



If you’re looking to acquire new customers, German exhibitions are the perfect place for #NEWBUSINESS. The figures show: For companies making presentations at specialist exhibitions, these exhibitions are the most important marketing instrument in B2B communication. 84% rate them as important or very important for their B2B communication.

No wonder, because here personal contacts are turned into specific orders, now and in the future: With such convincing key figures, exhibiting companies will be spending around 50% of their budget for plenty of #NEWBUSINESS on exhibitions in 2019/2020 as well. Find out for yourself what to expect:



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