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October 6 2022International

No COVID-19 Entry Restrictions for Trade Fair Participants

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13/06/22: As of June 11 all COVID-19 related entry restrictions are lifted.
01/06/22: Germany recognizes vaccines approved by World Health Organization, proof of vaccination, recovery or negative test upon entry no longer necessary as of 01/06/22
03/04/22: Access restrictions for trade fairs are lifted.
03/03/22: All risk areas worldwide are eliminated.

Since June 11, 2022, COVID-19 related entry restrictions to Germany are lifted. A proof of vaccination, proof of convalescence, proof of testing or proof of trade fair participation is no longer required to enter Germany.

However, persons residing in the People's Republic of China still need an important reason to enter Germany (due to reciprocity), so here trade fair participants still have to prove their exhibitor or visitor status upon entry.

COVID-19 related entry restrictions remain only for entries from areas of virus variant of concern. However, no country is currently classified as such an area.

Germany qualifies no countries as areas of virus variants of concern.  

Business Visa are Still Necessary

Citizens from countries with visa requirement who travel to Germany to visit a trade fair or exhibit need a business visa. Employees of exhibiting companies are exempt from the visa fee.

Especially in India, Pakistan and Turkey, the visa appointment situation at the embassy and consulates of Germany is particularly tense. Therefore, it is important that trade fair participants take care of a visa application appointment as long as possible before entering Germany.

German Trade Fairs are International

The competitive advantage of German trade fairs is their internationality: trade fairs bring the world markets to Germany. Around 60% of the approximately 180,000 exhibitors each year come from abroad, a third of them from countries outside Europe. Almost 30% of the 10 million visitors come from abroad. Therefore, AUMA advocates open borders for trade fair participants.

Open borders and the smoothest possible international travel are therefore essential for German trade fairs. International travel is partially restricted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For this reason, trade fair participants from abroad must carefully inform themselves about the entry requirements before their trip.

Participants from non-EU countries play an important role at German trade fairs.

Due to the dynamic infection and thus also legal situation, trade fair participants should always inform themselves about the regulations currently applicable to them specifically before starting their journey. As a service of AUMA, the information is only intended to provide initial advice and therefore does not claim to be complete. Although the greatest possible care has been taken in the preparation of this information, AUMA disclaims all liability for the accuracy of its content.

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