Bar Convent Berlin

International Bar and Beverage Trade Show

The current key figures are FKM-certified.


FKM certification
Space (m²)
space (gross)21.48125.40025.400
space (net)7.9857.6147.724
Special show space2.4001.2791.279
Exhibitor stand space5.5856.3356.445
hall space5.4426.1736.363
open air14316282
Exhibitor figures
Visitor figures
Visitors (number of admissions)8.23611.70015.622
Exhibitors profile

Origin of exhibitors 2019 from 47 countries
Argentina: 1; Australia: 1; Austria: 6; Belgium: 7; Brazil: 1; Canada: 1; Chile: 1; China, People's Republic: 1; Croatia: 2; Cyprus: 1; Czechia: 5; Denmark: 8; Estonia: 3; Finland: 1; France: 20; Germany: 121; Greece: 3; Hong Kong, China SAR: 2; Hungary: 2; Iceland: 1; India: 1; Ireland: 7; Italy: 54; Japan: 5; Lithuania: 1; Luxembourg: 1; Martinique: 1; Mauritius: 1; Mexico: 9; Netherlands: 13; Norway: 2; Panama: 1; Peru: 4; Poland: 1; Portugal: 5; Puerto Rico: 1; Romania: 1; Russia: 5; Slovakia: 1; Slovenia: 1; Spain: 13; Sweden: 3; Switzerland: 7; Trinidad and Tobago: 1; United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland: 54; United States of America: 19; Virgin Islands (British): 1

Industry sectorFood, Beverage and Luxury Foodstuff (industry 24), Hotel and Catering, Shop Fittings (industry 33)
Main product groupSpirits, Wine, Beer, Coffee, Tea, equipment, Professional Literature, Services
Exhibitor data baseon-line available / access via home page of the trade fair
Direct sale (retail sale to visitors permitted?)No

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