Trade fair participation in times of Covid-19 pandemic

Recommendations on hygiene concepts and health protection for exhibitors at German trade fairs

Trade fairs offer a reliable platform for dialogue even in times of corona. The large and modern exhibition centres in Germany have optimum conditions for implementing the distance-, hygiene- and safety-concepts agreed by the exhibition companies with the responsible authorities. An overview of the organisers’ individual hygiene concepts can be found here. Your trade fair organiser will be happy to advise you on questions regarding the preparations for your trade fair presentation.

In addition to information from your trade fair organiser and the applicable regulations on health protection specific to the individual federal state AUMA would like to provide you with the following recommendations in order to support your trade fair appearance during corona times.

Structural aspects

  • Plan and design your trade fair stand while taking into account visitor management so that a minimum distance of 1.5 m between people can be maintained.

  • Adequate ventilation of the stand has to be ensured. Therefore, an open construction should be given priority.

    Two-storey exhibition stands are permitted sometimes. In these cases, the ground floor in particular is to be kept as open as possible.

  • Physical contact points such as counters, tables and door handles should generally be planned as sparingly as possible. Smooth surfaces that can easily be cleaned should be used.

  • Protective panels can be used, for example, at the information counter and other counters if the minimum distance regulation of 1.5 m cannot or should not be observed. Meeting areas shall be planned and designed with sufficient dimensions so that the users of these areas are able to maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 m.

    The distances between tables or seat backrests can be reduced if screens (e.g. partitions between tables) are used.

  • Exhibits and presentation areas should be planned and arranged in accordance with the rules on spacing.

    Stand planning with sufficient large open areas is recommended.

Organisational measures

  • Train your stand personnel sufficiently before the trade fair to comply with the hygiene and occupational safety measures required in times of corona.

  • At your stand a contact person should be appointed the person responsible for hygiene measures (see below).

  • Your trade fair company will register participants and other parties involved centrally for contact person tracking purposes. Please ask your trade fair organiser whether additional measures are required for the registration of visitors at your stand.

  • Offer customers and visitors the opportunity to arrange appointments with you in advance.

  • Give preference to digital offers over leaflets or other advertising material. Printed information media should be handed over by stand personnel. Brochure racks should not be open to the public.

  • Record and document the names and attendance times of all employees, service providers and external companies present at the stand. The same recording should be applied during construction and dismantling periods.

Hygiene measures

  • The trade fair companies will provide disinfection facilities for all participants at various points on the fairgrounds. In addition, you should also place sufficient disinfectant dispensers on your stand, especially in the entrance area of the stand. We recommend that you additionally provide disposable mouth and nose protection for visitors to your stand.

  • The information counter, tables, exhibits and all other contact surfaces should be disinfected regularly and at short intervals during the exhibition. For seating areas and tables with food tasting, we recommend that you wipe them clean after each guest.

  • Whether it is compulsory to wear a mouth and nose protector depends on the regulations of the respective federal state.

    However, in several federal states mouth and nose protector may be removed when guest is seated.

  • We recommend that you and your employees refrain from greeting rituals such as shaking hands.

  • Try to maintain self-discipline concerning hand-to-face-movements.

  • Avoid unnecessary physical contact.

  • When catering, observe the locally applicable regulations on hygiene protection measures. 

Dated 2021/03/15

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