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Trade fair database: Tips and FAQs on searching

AUMA’s trade fair database gives you information on 5,000 trade fairs in Germany and around the world. But what’s the fastest way to find the right trade fairs? The "standard" function lets you search by name or location. The "advanced" function lets you select different criteria and search by sector, location and/or time range. You can then use filters to refine your hit list – which will give you the trade fair or selection of fairs you’re looking for!


The following symbols categorise different types of trade fairs in the AUMA database. They give users an initial idea of whether the fairs match their targets.


    Exhibitions in Germany - International
    Exhibitions in Germany - National
    Exhibitions in Germany - regional
    Exhibitions in Germany - new
    exhibitions certified by FKM
    Support for trade fairs in Germany – young innovative companies
    German trade fairs abroad - GTQ
    Support at trade fairs abroad - AMP
    Support at trade fairs abroad – Energy Export Initiative
    Support at trade fairs abroad – state governments
   International Travelling Fair


FAQs – Frequently asked questions about the AUMA trade fair database

If you did not find the trade fair or support programme that meets your needs, check our FAQs. If you do not find answers there, please do not hesitate to contact us.


I cannot find a certain trade fair in your database.
I’ve heard that there are support programmes for exhibitors at trade fairs. How can I find the fairs for which support is available?
Do I have to enter something in every field in order to start a search?
I would like to download trade fair dates/figures into an Excel file, but I cannot find this feature.
Can I get an API (application programming interface) for AUMA’s trade fair data?
How can I find out which companies have participated or will participate in a particular trade fair?
I’m looking for information about trade fairs that were held more than three years ago.
The database lists a large number of trade fairs. But I would like to see all the fairs in a single year.
The AUMA trade fair database shows a different date than other sources.



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