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Trade fair database: Tips and FAQs on searching

AUMA’s trade fair database gives you information on 5,000 trade fairs in Germany and around the world. But what’s the fastest way to find the right trade fairs? The "standard" function lets you search by name or location. The "advanced" function lets you select different criteria and search by sector, location and/or time range. You can then use filters to refine your hit list – which will give you the trade fair or selection of fairs you’re looking for!


The following symbols categorise different types of trade fairs in the AUMA database. They give users an initial idea of whether the fairs match their targets.


    Exhibitions in Germany - International

Exhibitions in the AUMA category international show the main products and services of one or more branches of industry in a display area. They attract visitors from areas significantly beyond the local region. In general, 50% of the visitors are from areas at least 100 km away and 20% are from regions at least 300 km from the venue. These events attract international attendance, i.e. a minimum of 10% of foreign exhibitors and 5% of visitors from abroad.

    Exhibitions in Germany - National

Exhibitions in the AUMA category national show the main products and services of one or more branches of industry in a display area. They attract visitors from areas significantly be-yond the local region. In general, 50% of the visitors are from areas at least 100 km away and 20% are from regions at least 300 km from the venue.

    Exhibitions in Germany - regional

Trade fairs and exhibitions in the AUMA category regional are attended mainly by visitors from the local region. In general, significantly more than 50% of the visitors are from areas less than 100 km from the venue. They focus on products and ser-vices which may also originate from outside the local region.

    Exhibitions in Germany - new

Trade fairs categorised by AUMA as new are added to AUMA’s trade fair database providing the organisers are members of AUMA and FKM and that AUMA charges exhibitor fees for these fairs.

    exhibitions certified by FKM

The Exhibitor, space and visitor figures of exhibitions certified by FKM are collected and audited according to unified rules. Therefore, they are reliable and comparable. (FKM-Society for Volontary Control of Fairs and Exhibition Statistics). For further information, please visit

    Support for trade fairs in Germany – young innovative companies

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) supports participation by young, innovative companies in selected leading international trade fairs in Germany. Favourable conditions are intended to promote the export of new products and processes. The support applies to participation at joint stands with multiple companies. Eligible trade fairs are specified each year by the BMWi and listed in the AUMA database.

    German trade fairs abroad - GTQ

German trade fair organisers, which are AUMA-members, offer their know-how to exhibiting firms all over the world. In order to underline the qualitative advantage of German foreign trade fairs, in consultation with its members involved abroad, AUMA has developed the label “German Trade Fair Quality Abroad (GTQ)”. To obtain this label German organisers have to: own the basic concept of the trade fair, manage the concept realization and draw up the budget and control the international marketing.

    Support at trade fairs abroad - AMP

Together with AUMA the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) and the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (BMELV) offer support to German companies taking part in trade fairs abroad. The Foreign Trade Fair  Participation Programme of Germany (AMP) provides a list of fairs in which the Federal Republic of Germany is involved, which AUMA publishes in print form and on the internet.

    Support at trade fairs abroad – Energy Export Initiative

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) supports companies active in the energy sector and headquartered in Germany with this special trade fair programme, which is part of the Energy Export Initiative. AUMA lists these trade fairs in its database and provides information about the programme.

    Support at trade fairs abroad – state governments

German state governments support small and medium-sized enterprises headquartered in their respective states at trade fairs abroad. The state governments do not have uniform guidelines for their programmes, so their budgets, guidelines and eligible trade fairs can differ considerably. More information is available here about the states’ programmes for trade fairs abroad.

   International Travelling Fair

The trade fairs marked with the arrow icon are trade fairs held in alternating locations around the world and are hosted in Germany no more than once every five years. The organisers of these events generally operate outside of Germany. The fairs therefore occur rather infrequently in Germany. In many cases, the information regarding the individual trade fairs therefore does not conform to the usual standards for the AUMA database.


FAQs – Frequently asked questions about the AUMA trade fair database

If you did not find the trade fair or support programme that meets your needs, check our FAQs. If you do not find answers there, please do not hesitate to contact us.


I cannot find a certain trade fair in your database.

If you did not find the trade fair by entering its name in the standard search function, try the advanced function using different combinations such as “city” and “year”. Please note that the database only lists trade fairs that have been categorised by AUMA (see above). AUMA does not claim to have exhaustive listings of trade fair data.

I’ve heard that there are support programmes for exhibitors at trade fairs. How can I find the fairs for which support is available?

Please used the advanced search function and click on the field for “Only show trade fairs with exhibitor support programmes”. Selecting a country will filter your search. If desired, you can also specify the time range and/or sector. To the left of the list of results, you will find a “Support programmes” section where you can select the one for you. The red symbols in the “Category” column will help you identify which programmes are relevant.

Do I have to enter something in every field in order to start a search?

No, you can select any combination of search criteria.

I would like to download trade fair dates/figures into an Excel file, but I cannot find this feature.

The AUMA database does not offer any way to download trade fair dates/figures. You can print the results of your search by clicking on that symbol, or share them or import them to your calendar.

Can I get an API (application programming interface) for AUMA’s trade fair data?

Companies headquartered in Germany can get an API for the AUMA trade fair database after signing a fee-based licensing agreement. For more information on the licensing programme, please contact:

Oliver Böhmer
Central services
 +49 30 24000-131
How can I find out which companies have participated or will participate in a particular trade fair?

The AUMA trade fair database does not include exhibitor lists. Please use the organiser’s exhibitor database, which is usually found on the trade fair’s website.

I’m looking for information about trade fairs that were held more than three years ago.

Search results from the AUMA trade fair database go back a maximum of three years. Please contact Central services at +49 (0)30 24000-0 or

The database lists a large number of trade fairs. But I would like to see all the fairs in a single year.

To make the AUMA database as quick and convenient as possible for all users, we have limited the number of hits. Please use filters to refine your search. Or select different search criteria and start again.

The AUMA trade fair database shows a different date than other sources.

Despite careful research, AUMA cannot assume any liability for the correctness of the information. Event organisers are the only ones who can provide binding information.



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