FIAAP / VICTAM / GRAPAS International

International Exhibition & Conference for the Animal & Aquatic Feed Production&Ingredients,Petfoods,Specialist Animal Feeds,Handling&Transportation...




12.06.-14.06.2019June 2020 (not yet determined)Interval: at different venues


VICTAM International BV PO Box 1973860 AD NijkerkNetherlandsFon: +31 33 2464404Fax: +31 33 2464706expo@victam.com
Industry sectorAgriculture and Forestry, Landscape Gardening, Fisheries, Livestock Farming (industry 49)
Main product groupAnimal Nutrition, Pets Feeding Stuff, Feeding Stuff Storage, Feeding Stuff Preparation, Feeding Stuff, Cereal and Seed Processing Machines, Storage Technology, Biomass, Packaging Technology, Manufacturing Processes, Technologies
Direct sale (retail sale to visitors permitted?)No

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