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Messe KarlsruheKarlsruheGermany


09.11.-10.11.201907.11.-08.11.2020November 2021Interval: annuallyfounded in: 2012


Karlsruher Messe- und Kongress GmbH Festplatz 976137 KarlsruheGermanyFon: +49 721 3720-0Fax: +49 721 3720-992116info@messe-karlsruhe.dehttp://www.messe-karlsruhe.de
Project teamFon: +49 721 3720-5143Fax: +49 721 3720-995143info@tierischgut-karlsruhe.dehttp://www.tierischgut-karlsruhe.de


Landesverband Baden-Württemberg für Hundewesen e.V.1. Deutscher Edelkatzenzüchter-Verband e.V.

The current key figures are FKM-certified.


FKM certification
Space (m²)
space (gross)39.60039.60039.600
space (net)16.96418.53818.606
Special show space10.88312.13612.106
Exhibitor stand space6.0816.4026.500
hall space6.0816.3676.500
open air0350
Exhibitor figures
other represented firms000
Visitor figures
Visitors (number of admissions)33.08133.02932.978
* = determined by a representative survey
Exhibitors profile

Origin of exhibitors 2018 from 9 countries
Austria: 2; Canada: 1; Czechia: 4; Germany: 254; Hungary: 1; Lithuania: 1; Netherlands: 1; Slovenia: 1; Switzerland: 3

FKM Private visitors profile 2018
Visitors total (number of entries)32.978Proportion of private visitors96 %
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Origin according to federal states
Total Germany (%)97
of which
Nielsen 10
  • Bremen0
  • Hamburg0
  • Lower Saxony0
  • Schleswig-Holstein0
Nielsen 21
  • North Rhine-Westphalia1
Nielsen 3a23
  • Hesse2
  • Rhineland-Palatinate20
  • Saarland1
Nielsen 3b73
  • Baden-Württemberg73
Nielsen 42
  • Bavaria2
Nielsen 5+60
  • Berlin0
  • Brandenburg0
  • Mecklenburg-West Pommerania0
  • Saxony-Anhalt0
Nielsen 70
  • Saxony0
  • Thuringia0
Origin by continents
Foreign origin total (%)3
of which
  • EU78
  • Other countries22
Professional position
Professional position (%)
    Size of household
    Size of household (%)
    • 1 person13
    • 2 persons47
    • 3 persons18
    • 4 persons17
    • 5 persons and more5
    Origin by km
    distance to home (%)
    • up to 50 km71
    • up to 100 km16
    • more than 100 km up to 300 km11
    • over 300 km2
    Origin by countries
    Countries with the highest visitor shares (%)
    • France66
    Age (%)
    • up to 20 years7
    • over 20 up to 30 years25
    • over 30 up to 40 years17
    • over 40 up to 50 years23
    • over 50 up to 60 years20
    • over 60 up to 70 years6
    • over 70 years1
    Sex (%)
    • male30
    • female70
    Frequency of trade fair visits
    Frequency of trade fair visits (%)

      Survey conducted by: Gelszus Messe- Marktforschung GmbH

      Industry sectorGarden and Pet (industry 36)
      Main product groupAquaria, Pets Supplies, Pets Feeding Stuff, Pets, dogs, cats, Terrarium Equipment, Animal Supplies, Live Animals, Keeping Pets, Disposal of Animal Remains, Veterinary Medicines, Animal Nutrition, Animal-breeding, Fish, Fish Farming Equipment, Leisure Wear, Feeding Stuff, Hygiene, Linnen, Teaching Toys, Outdoor Fashion, Care Products, Breeding Associations, Travel, Photographies, Gifts, Health, Special Show
      Opening hoursgeneral public:
      daily 09:00-18:00 h
      Admission chargeday ticket EUR 10.00
      Hotel serviceFon: +49 911 59832-16
      Fax: +49 911 59832-11info@hotel.dehttp://www.hotel.de
      Exhibitor data baseon-line available / access via home page of the trade fair
      Space rentalone open front from EUR 65.00/m², package from EUR 90.00
      Direct sale (retail sale to visitors permitted?)Yes

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