International Trade Fair Ideas, Inventions, New Products / Start-up, Financing, Succession

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Space (m²)
space (gross)6.3008.6117.797
space (net)2.6712.9812.562
Special show space403871796
Exhibitor stand space2.2682.1101.766
hall space2.2682.1101.766
open air000
Exhibitor figures
other represented firms000
Visitor figures
Exhibitors profile

Origin of exhibitors 2019 from 30 countries
Algeria: 1; Angola: 2; Austria: 8; Bosnia and Herzegovina: 1; China, People's Republic: 17; Congo: 1; Croatia: 2; Czechia: 1; Germany: 87; Ghana: 1; Greece: 1; Hong Kong, China SAR: 4; Indonesia: 2; Iran, Islamic Republic: 1; Iraq: 1; Korea, Republic: 1; Lebanon: 1; Macao, China SAR: 1; Malaysia: 5; Morocco: 1; Oman: 1; Poland: 2; Russia: 2; Saudi Arabia: 2; Spain: 1; Sri Lanka: 1; Switzerland: 3; Taiwan: 14; Thailand: 1; Vietnam: 1

Industry sectorTechnologies, Inventions, Innovations (industry 78)
Main product groupInventions, Research and Development, Financing, Management Consulting, Starting up in Business, Franchising
Opening hoursTrade visitors:
1st + 2nd day 09:30-18:00 h
Trade visitors and general public:
3rd day 09:30-18:00 h
4th day 09:30-16:00 h
Admission chargeday ticket EUR 30.00, Special regulation inkl. Katalog
Hotel serviceFon: +49 911 2336-0
Fax: +49 911 2336-166tourismus@nuernberg.de
Exhibitor data baseon-line available / access via home page of the trade fair
Direct sale (retail sale to visitors permitted?)No

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