Fi Europe - Food Ingredients Europe


Paris-Nord Villepinte Parc d'Expositions et Centre de Conventions (VIPARIS)ParisFrance


03.12.-05.12.2019November 2021 (Paris)01.12.-03.12.2020 (Frankfurt on the Main)Interval: annually at different venues


Informa Markets 13th & 15th Floor, de Entreé 73, Toren A ,1101 BH AmsterdamNetherlandsFon: +31 20 708-1600informamarkets@informa.com
Informa Markets Floors 20-22, 605 Third Avenue,New York, 10158Fon: +1 212 520-2700informamarkets@informa.com
Industry sectorFood, Beverage and Luxury Foodstuff (industry 24)
Main product groupFood Ingredients, Technologies, Manufacturing Processes, Packaging Technology, Food Analysis, Hygiene, Quality Control

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