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Messe Stuttgart's autumn line-up

The current key figures are FKM-certified.


FKM certification
Space (m²)
space (gross)103.40077.90076.400
space (net)37.55127.44427.006
Special show space13.62213.16414.204
Exhibitor stand space23.92914.28012.802
hall space23.92914.28012.802
open air000
Exhibitor figures
other represented firms000
Visitor figures
Visitors (number of admissions)145.38353.788105.242
* = determined by a representative survey
1) 2) To evaluate the key figures: Exhibition was held during the Corona Pandemic, which started in January 2020.
Exhibitors profile

Origin of exhibitors 2022 from 24 countries
Austria: 23; Croatia: 1; Czechia: 2; Egypt: 1; France: 3; Germany: 584; Hungary: 3; India: 3; Italy: 14; Korea, Republic: 1; Liechtenstein: 1; Lithuania: 1; Morocco: 8; Nepal: 1; Netherlands: 11; Pakistan: 3; Poland: 5; Spain: 1; Sri Lanka: 1; Sweden: 1; Switzerland: 6; Tanzania, United Republic: 1; Tunisia: 4; United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland: 2

Industry sectorGeneral Trade Fairs for Consumers (industry 04)
Main product groupallergen free food, Aquaria, Building Equipment, Building Advisory, Decorations, Dietetic Products, Computer Parts, Precious Stones, Electronic Toys, Fossilias, Photographies, Leisure Articles, Yarns, Goldsmiths and Jewellers, Healthy Living, Household Articles, Pets Supplies, Hobby Articles, Games, Live Animals, Living, vegetarian food, vegan products, Toys, Needlework Materials, Pattern Making, Jewellery
AccessGeneral public
Exhibitor data baseon-line available / access via home page of the trade fair
Direct sale (retail sale to visitors permitted?)Yes

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