Salon International des Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication


Parc des Expositions et Centre de Commerce International de Tunis Le KramTunisTunisia


09.06.-11.06.2020June 2021Interval: annuallyfounded in: 2016


Tunisie Afrique Export Parc des Expositions B.P. N°742089 TunisTunisiaFon: +216 71 975- 035Fax: +216 71
Société des Foires Internationales de Tunis s.a. B.P. no. 12015 TunisTunisiaFon: +216 71 7197-3111Fax: +216 71
Industry sectorInformation and Communication Technology, Software (industry 42)
Main product groupCommunication Technology, Communication Systems, E-Commerce, E-Government, IT Services, data storage, Security Systems, Data Transmission, Data Protection, Telecommunication, Mobile Apps, Training

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