Forms of participation in the Foreign Trade Fair Participation Programme

A range of forms of participation in the foreign trade fair participation programme have evolved in practice, providing a variety of opportunities for companies to participate with different types and scopes of support for exhibitors.

Joint company stand (G)

The majority of the participations within the Foreign Trade Fair Participation Programme is realised as a joint company stand. Organising the company stands in a shared space and visually labelling the individual stands under the umbrella brand “made in Germany”,  allows a highly uniform presentation of products from Germany.

The exhibiting companies can make use of services that include the following by cost sharing:
  • Support and guidance from the organising company in Germany and at the trade fair venue
  • Turnkey stand (floor space, stand construction, basic furnishings)
  • Lighting and power sockets at the stand
  • General design under the umbrella brand "made in Germany"
  • Uniform stand signage
  • Information stand with lounge

Information centre (IZ)

An information centre is an extended information stand that provides interested companies with space for discussions and presentations (around 2 square metres per participant). Flyers, models or smaller exhibits can, to a limited extent, also be put on display. A fee is charged for using the opportunity to participate. Information centres are usually offered together with joint company stands (G).

German Pavilion with special showcase area and side events (BLS)

German Pavilions with special showcase area and side events offer a particularly high-profile platform for industry presentations which are held within the framework offered by existing industry trade fairs. As special highlights within the Foreign Trade Fair Participation Programme with special showcase areas and a supporting programme, they have their own participation headings, such as “German Living”, “High-Tex from Germany”, “Dental Technology from Germany” or “German High-Tech in Metal Working”.

Information stand (I)

A participation with only an information stand is the most basic form of a German  trade fair participation without exhibiting companies. An information stand shows the official German interest in the country and in the trade in goods with the country, and functions as a “business card” that can initiate future business relationships. Every official participation involves an information stand that is staffed by experts from the industry concerned.

Special event by the German Energy Export Initiative (SVEE)

The core element of this trade fair participation is a topic-specific exhibition as a more extensive information stand to present the content and central ideas covered by the Energy Export Initiative. The range of topics presented is based on the subject area covered by the trade fair, so that a primary focus is placed on either the topic of renewables or on energy efficiency. Country-specific priorities can also be set. The German companies can choose from two presentation options: an information point with furnishing or  stand space with uniform stand design and standard general design within the frame of a joint company stand. Along with showcasing German technology, accompanying measures are supported, such as company presentations at the stand.

Privately financed joint company stand (pG)
with information stand (I)

Privately financed joint company stands (pG) with information stand (I) generally offer the same services as the ones described under joint company stand (G). There is, however, no financial support available for the exhibitors. The exhibitors participate with full costs. Exhibiting companies particularly benefit from the technical and organisational services provided by the conducting companies for German Pavilions, or organisational-advisory services from state organisers when it comes to joint company stands of German federal states. 
Information stands (I) arranged by the respective organiser of the joint company stand – this being the federal or state government – are part of the pG. Furthermore, the services available within a state pG can also be offered within the scope of a G organised by the federal government, which can then range from an additional information counter by the federal state, solely advisory services and establishing contact with potential customers. In these cases, the booking of the companies’ stand space is made with the conducting company of the German Pavilion. This form of participation tends to be realised for participations of the federal states. 

Participation of the federal state (LPA)

​SMEs have the possibility of subsidised participation in trade fairs abroad. Further information on the type of participation can be obtained from the relevant contact office in the federal states.



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