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October 8 2020International

Coronavirus: Current information

Information of AUMA

Further current information from AUMA can be found under Media/Reports.

The situation of the German exhibition industry

For a large number of trade fairs in the first half of 2020, the organisers have decided, in consultation with the exhibiting industry, to postpone dates to autumn 2020 or 2021. Some trade fairs with an annual cycle will not take place this year, but only at the next regular date in 2021. 61% of all trade fairs planned for 2020 in Germany (a total of 368) were cancelled or postponed as of 31.09.2020. 39% have already taken place or are still planned.

AUMA provides up-to-date information on postponements and cancellations of exhibitions in its exhibition database at As soon as we become aware of changes, the data will be updated. Further information on trade fairs in Germany and abroad can be obtained from the respective organizer. For your trade fair planning, please also use the AUMA data on the next trade fairs in Germany and abroad.

The cancellation of trade fairs not only results in financial losses for the directly involved players such as exhibitors, visitors, service providers and organisers, but also has serious macroeconomic consequences.  Many other branches of business are affected as well, especially the hotel and catering industry, the transport industry and numerous local suppliers and contractors. According to calculations by the AUMA Institute of the German Trade Fair Industry, the national economic consequences of cancelling and postponements of trade fairs amount to 19.3 billion euros; 160,000 jobs are endangered and 3.1 billion euros less in taxes are collected (as at 31.09.2020).

Immediate measures of the Federal Government for the economy

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