Protectionism is in no-one’s interest

Ever more countries are considering or making specific plans to protect their economies from excessively high import levels, whether by imposing taxes or other barriers to trade. This can reduce the prosperity of everyone involved, because the use of imported products and technologies only rarely has a negative effect on such countries. 

German trade fairs, with their high levels of international exhibitors and visitors, support free trade worldwide.

As far as the German economy and the German trade fair industry are concerned, the country unquestionably needs to remain a strong exporter. If German export surpluses are too high, as is heard on occasion, the appropriate countermeasure is to increase imports. By contrast, the notion that Germany should limit its exports is wrong. German industry does not compel anyone to purchase its products. Instead, German products tend to succeed in competition on account of their quality, despite comparatively high prices, even if these prices are presently lower in some countries due to favourable euro exchange rates. In addition, Germany continues to need a strong industrial base. The wisdom of this has clearly proved itself in recent financial crises. As such, the “Made in Germany” label should be strengthened. German industry needs to continue making a name for itself with high-quality products in international competition.

German trade fairs, with their high levels of international exhibitors and visitors, are especially effective at promoting these aims. The German trade fair industry is therefore very interested in keeping trade between countries and economic regions as free as possible.

Customs and non-tariff-based obstructions to trade should be lowered further wherever possible. The trade fair industry expects the German federal government to strongly resist all opposing aims.

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