Introduce Start-ups to trade fairs

International competition in many sectors is dominated by large corporations and established medium-sized companies, whose reputations for especially dependable and high-quality products go back for years or even decades. Medium-sized, forward-thinking, family-run companies are therefore particularly worthy of support. But it is just as important for new companies to enhance the competition and innovative power in their respective sectors. Countries therefore need a political climate that promotes a start-up mentality. In addition, many of these companies need support beyond the start-up phase itself.

Trade fairs are perfect opportunities to present new products. This is where founders and start-ups will make their first business contacts.

AUMA therefore very strongly welcomes the decision by the German government in the spring of 2016 to extend through 2019 the programme that supports young innovative companies at the country’s international trade fairs. This sends an important signal to the start-up community that the government is supporting not only the start-up phase. After all, the real challenges for companies arise when they start making systematic use of market potential. That requires financial resources that tend to be in short supply at young companies. When companies are supported at this stage, it significantly increases the likelihood that their start-up efforts will result in success over the long term. Every year around 600 companies take part in this programme.

The programme should be extended on a long-term basis, in order to continue helping new companies participate in their initial trade fairs.

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