Positioning Sustainability

Positioning sustainability: 2023, 2025, 2040: German trade fair industry sets ambitious climate protection targets

Future-oriented economy and socially responsible action go hand in hand: the German trade fair industry is setting to become climate neutral.

The German trade fair industry comprises numerous stakeholders which have influence on several industry sectors: site operators, trade fair organisers, exhibitors, visitors, and service providers. We will all work together responsibly to achieve our goals and to continuously improve and expand them in line with social, political, and cross-industry requirements. We will monitor our achievements and report on them on a regular basis. We have compiled a positioning with nine components and thereby established a process which will be developed continuously.

Trade fairs are part of the solution on our path to a climate neutral economy.

Trade fairs are marketplaces for companies worldwide to exchange products and services, but also to enter into new cooperations and to market innovation. Trade fairs are meeting places where industry partners act together as problem solvers and pave the way to a sustainable future. Trade fairs are think tanks for developing economic solutions for the battle against the climate crisis. In short, trade fairs are part of the solution on our path to a climate neutral economy.

The German trade fair industry fully supports the goals of the Paris Agreement  to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Based on the many existing climate neutrality measures of numerous stakeholders within the trade fair business our industry sector wants to contribute to the achievement of the climate target. Thereby we act according to the principle of “avoid before reduce before compensate".

The German trade fair industry is also committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as guiding principles for its own corporate practices and, as a first step, implements the following measures:

Climate neutrality until 2040

  • We will steadily reduce our carbon footprint.
  • The German trade fair industry will be climate neutral until 2040.

Sustainability will become part of tender processes

  • We firmly anchor sustainability in our companies and in our collaboration with our industry partners.
  • As of 2023 the German trade fair industry will make product- and service-specific sustainability criteria part of their tender processes. 

100 percent green power until 2025

  • We are pushing the expansion of green energy and we are consequently working on substituting fossil energy sources for district heating and renewable energy. We are defining specific energy saving goals for our businesses.  
  • By 2025 the German trade fair industry will use 100 percent green power.

Exhibition stand construction

  • Exhibition stands are flagships of exhibiting companies serving to present innovations and brand worlds.
  • The German trade fair industry will develop a portfolio for sustainable stand construction and will actively offer this portfolio to exhibitors. Additionally, the German trade fair industry will create an incentive scheme for exhibitors to opt for sustainable and multiple-use trade fair stands.


  • We are using water as economically as possible, and we are utilising up-to-date water saving technology.
  • We are expanding the green areas of our premises and buildings in relation to usable open space, particularly to save rainwater and to improve air quality.


  • We want to avoid waste. Therefore, we explicitly support the efficient use of commodities as well as the utilisation of reusable material.
  • The German trade fair industry is committed to consequently reduce the amount of waste.


  • We are steadily working on improving the management and bundling of trade fairrelated logistics traffic. We are using intelligent logistic systems for optimizing this traffic.
  • Additionally, the German trade fair industry is pursuing the decarbonisation of its site-related carpools.

Arrival and Departure

  • Together with our partners, especially with  public transportation companies, we will create offers for low emission or carbon neutral travel to and from our exhibition sites.
  • The German trade fair industry will expand the onsite facilities for charging electric vehicles.


  • We want to expand catering with regional, seasonal, and organic produce for our customers as well as for our employees.
  • The German trade fair industry agrees with its catering business partners for according goals until 2023.
  • The German trade fair industry is committed to avoid food waste. The industry sector will therefore reach an agreement with catering businesses / catering partners for a continuous evaluation of customised offers of food and drink.

Berlin June 2022

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