​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Management and divisions –
our teams at the AUMA​​​

AUMA is headquartered in Berlin. Its many activities are divided among the following divisions and departments: Management, Communications and Marketing, Trade Fairs Germany, Global Markets & IT, Institute of the German Trade Fair Industry. The team has a total of 33 members, all of whom, from the managing director to the trainees, contribute their expertise and commitment to promote the German trade fair industry – on national and international levels for event organisers, exhibitors and visitors.

Management & Finances

  • Management
  • Lobbying
  • Legal matters and taxation
  • Technology and sustainability
  • Event organisation
  • Finances, controlling, personnel
  • Board and Member communications
  • Central services
  • Working groups: Visitor Services, IT, Technology and Logistics, Legal Affairs/Administration/Taxation

Communications and Marketing

  • Press and public relations
  • Marketing
  • Online content, social media
  • Working groups: Communication, Social Media, Marketing

Trade Fairs Germany

  • Monitoring the market and classifying German trade fairs
  • Statistics on exhibition organisers and venues in Germany
  • FKM management (Society for Voluntary Control of Fair and Exhibition Statistics)
  • Dates, offer and statistics on exhibitions in Germany
  • Consulting on trade fair participation in Germany
  • Consulting on exhibitor support at events in Germany
  • Working groups: Trade Fair Transparency and FKM Working Committee

Global Markets & IT

  • Coordinating and publicising foreign trade fair programmes from federal and state governments
  • Dates, sector focuses, and development data for trade fairs in foreign countries
  • Monitoring competition: exhibition organisers and venues in foreign countries
  • Advice on support for German exhibitors at trade fairs abroad
  • Advice on participation at exhibitions abroad
  • Branding of the foreign exhibitions of AUMA members (GTQ)
  • Brussels Office
  • Working groups: German Trade Fair Quality Abroad (GTQ), Round Table Brüssel,
    AKAM (Determination of the Foreign Trade Fair Participation Programme of Germany)
  • IT: Webmaster, system administration, software programming (in-house), database architecture, project management (in-house), support

Institute of the German Trade Fair Industry

  • Trade fair research and publication of studies
  • Communication/collaboration with colleges and universities
  • Consulting for students and professors/lecturers/vocational school instructors
  • Education and further training in the trade fair industry
  • Talks and lectures at educational institutions
  • Creation/compilation of teaching materials
  • German Trade Fair Library
  • Coordinating trade fair trainers
  • Exhibitor phone consultations
  • Working groups: Human Resources, Trade Fair Transparency



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